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Books by Paul and Francie Bremer

Books by Paul and Francie Bremer
Landscape Paintings by Paul Bremer
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Francie and I have each written books. They're all available on Amazon.  Just click the picture.

Published in 2001

The true story of a young man's struggle to become a priest who runs a marathon as his last test.

Simon and Schuster (2006)

Presidential Envoy to Iraq, I tell of the challenges faced helping Iraqis reclaim their country after Saddam's fall.

Published Bremer Enterprises (2011)

The inspiring story of 16 wounded warriors riding 4,000
miles across America in 2010 and the thousands of other
Americans who welcomed them along the way.  Available
in iPad, Kindle and Nook.

Harper (1984)

A look at how women married to successful men can succeed in their own careers and maintain a happy family life.